May 20, 2011


Happy rainy Friday (and weekend) from Korea.

I was supposed to go on a hiking/camping trip to Seoraksan National Park on the eastern coast of Korea this weekend, but very last minute we had to cancel our trip due to heavy rain. I am pretty bummed, but hopefully we can reschedule the trip for a sunny weekend in the near future.

This weekends KPOP song is "Dr. Feel Good" by Rania.

Rania is a eight person international girl group. Rania is a mostly Korean group, with six of its member being Korea and one Chinese and one Thai member. They recently released their debut track, "Dr. Feel Good" and have gotten some good attention from it.

The interesting thing about Rania is that they are produced by American singer/producer Teddy Riely. Teddy Riely is famous for being a member of the early 90's group Blackstreet and for his production work with Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown. This is his first time working with the Korean music industry! Another example of how KPOP is becoming more of a global trend.

Here is the video for "Dr. Feel Good" by Rania! Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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