October 5, 2010

Cat Fight in a Seoul Subway

The Seoul subway system is massive and it is somehow always extremely crowded.

Here is a short clip of my friend Justine trapped in a very packed Seoul subway car.

There are only a few seats in each car and people are aggressive and sometimes even forceful in order to get a seat. In my experience, the most vicious people on the subway are the elder Korean women, known as ajumma's. In Korean culture, age is very important. The older you are the wiser you are considered and the more respect you draw from the people around you. I recently found this video of a ajumma fighting with a young women on a subway. I am not sure what they are fighting about but I hope it is not about a seat!

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  1. You NEED to get someone to translate this for you. This is hilarious!! I wanna know what happened!