September 2, 2010


안녕하세요 (Hello in Korean)

Every Friday from now on I am going to post a K-POP music video. K-POP is short for Korean popular music and it is very similar to the boy band, TRL music phase America went through in the early 2000's. K-POP is everywhere and everyone has their favorite band and song. My middle school girls are completely obsessed and addicted and always ask me what my favorite songs are.

I am going to try to use my new 13 year old friend's K-POP knowledge to build my music library so I can be respectable in Korean standards.

However, I did know and like one K-POP song before I came to South Korea. It is called Sorry Sorry by Super Junior. For some reason Annie Sampson and I came to love this song and would listen to it on repeat last year (she even learned the dance moves.) My love for "Sorry Sorry" earned me major points with my girl students on my first day of school, because I had an answer when every student asked me what my favorite Korean song was. I even did the little dance move when I responded. I think they are going to love me forever because of that. (Thanks Annie!)

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