October 14, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!

I hope everyone has great plans for this wonderful fall weekend. I am heading into downtown Seoul tonight for the weekend. We are planning on going out in Gaganam tonight, known as Seoul's Beverly Hills. It should be a blast and I am going to keep my eye out for some KPOP stars at the club! My Badger crew found a bar in Itaewon that is playing the Wisconsin vs. OSU game on Sunday at 1pm. So it looks like we will have a game day after all. GO BADGERS!

This week I am going to leave you with a little boy band jam from the group BEAST. The group's name stands for Boys of the EAst Standing Tall. They are also known as B2ST. Their video and look really reminds me of Backstreet Boys circa 2001. This Friday's song is called "Shock".

All my middle school girls keep telling me they are soo "hamsum".

ENJOY "Shock" by BEAST!

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