October 21, 2010


Happy Friday everyone. I have had a great week in Bucheon. Fall has come to Korea and the leaves have started to change. It is now the perfect weather for taking walks around the park and for going hiking. This weekend I am planning on hiking Mt. Bukhansan (the highest mountain in the Seoul area). It should be beautiful and I can't wait to finally see what all the Korean hiking fuss is about.
On Saturday, I am heading to the Asia Song Festival at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, which is a huge concert held on the behalf of the G 20 Summit that is happening in Seoul on November 11-12 2010. The Asia Song Festival is a "music festival with all of Asia's greatest stars in one concert to bring Asia together as a hub for cultural enhancement." This is the KPOP concert of all KPOP concerts and the tickets are FREE! Famous KPOP bands such as BoA, Rain, Lee Seoung chul, KARA, 2AM, BEAST and 4minute will be performing. Oh and last but not least, it is hosted by Jackie Chan. I am beyond excited and I will be sure to share the experience with you next week.

In preparation for the Asia Song Festival, I have been listening to some of the artists performing and I have found my new favorite song, "I My Me Mine" by 4minute. 4minute is an 5 girl Korean pop group. They are working with Universal to produce an international album currently. They are tons of fun and I am looking forward to seeing them in concert on Saturday!

Have a great weekend and enjoy "I My Me Mine" by 4minute.

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