October 8, 2010


Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone had a great week and has exciting plans for the weekend. I know this weekend is the University of Wisconsin Homecoming and many of my friends will be back in Madison to celebrate together. I just wanted to say GO BADGERS and have fun! I will miss all of you!!

In celebration of UW Homecoming, I wanted to share this new video that I came across. It is our mascot Bucky the Badger "doing the Dougie" (a popular song and hip hop dance). I wish I could do something that great in a Bucky head.

For those of you who are curious what the original Dougie looks like and are interested in learning how, check out Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How to Dougie Dance Lessons"

Well moving on to KPOP. This week I want to introduce a new kind of KPOP: Korean Hip-Hop. I am going to start you off with Supreme Team. This Korean Hip-Hop duo has been gaining popularity and I hope they can top the charts soon!

This week I want to show you the music video for Supreme Team "Super Magic." I was actually introduced to this song by my friend Zoe on her blog a couple of weeks ago and I have not stopped listening to it since then. Great song and great video. The video actually has many similarities to Run DMC's "Walk This Way."

Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy Supreme Team "Super Magic"!

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