March 3, 2011


Happy Friday!

School is officially in session. The school is once again loud and packed with rambunctious middle schoolers in ties and blazers. I start my full time teaching schedule on Monday, which should be interesting because I have not taught a full day of classes since mid December. However, I am excited to get to see all my little rugrats again.

This weekend I am planning on checking out Seoul's Noryangjin Fish Market, the largest fish market in the Seoul area. Then hopefully going to Platoon Kunsthalle's Night Flea Market again. It was one of the most hipster places I have ever been and it was awesome. The flea market is held in a warehouse in Gangnam, which has a full service bar, a dj and a few art exhibitions. The flee market is held the first Saturday of every month. Here are a couple pictures I took last time I was there.
For this weeks KPOP song I wanted to give you a song by FT Island. They are a South Korean group made up of five male members. FT Island stands for "Five Treasure Island", making a reference that each of the five members is a treasure of talents in their own.
I have been hearing their song "사랑사랑사랑 (Love Love Love)" all over Seoul for the past couple of weeks. I had no idea the name of the song but I kept hearing it In coffee shops, in clubs, walking down the street, etc. Then during our opening school ceremony this week a school band played it as the finale song. All of the kids freaked out and started belting out all the lyrics in unison and I finally got the name of the song. They love this song and so do I.

Enjoy FT Island "사랑사랑사랑 (Love Love Love)."

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