March 17, 2011


Happy Friday!

This weekend I am going to celebrate St Patrick's Day in Korea. There is an all day celebration on Saturday in Insadong including a parade and U2 cover bands. Then we are heading to Gangnam to Dublin Pub Terrace. This Korean Irish Pub is hosting an all you and eat/drink Guinness special for 40,000 won. I am pumped to celebrate some of my Bailey Irish roots in Asia.

All this Irish talk has been making me think of my trip to Dublin in 2009 with my friends Dana Erdmann and Lisa Mahoney. I hope I can drink as many Guinness tomorrow as we did on our bar crawl before the airport! Miss you guys.

Now as for KPOP Friday, I am going to post a song my friend Joanna showed me. Joanna is taking a KPOP dance class that meets 5 times a week. KPOP dance classes are quite common in Korea. People go to these classes to learn some of the dances from popular KPOP music videos and get a little exercise.

This week Joanna's class is learning the dance to Kahi's new solo debut "Come Back You Bad Person". Yes that is the name of the song. It is a catchy dance hit that I hope will be in all the clubs in Seoul very soon.

Kahi is a singer dancer who has recently begun her solo career after being the lead sing for the girl band group After School.

I hope you enjoy Kahi's first solo dance hit "Come Back You Bad Person."

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