March 24, 2011


Happy Friday and Happy birthday Nate!

Tonight we are celebrating my friend Nate's birthday with an American style BBQ dinner at a restaurant called Memphis King in Gangnam. Then we are going to head out for the night to a hookah bar called Rainbow and then Monkey Beach. Should be a great night out in Seoul.

I am going to spend the rest of the weekend at a Temple Stay. This is where you stay at a working temple outside of Seoul and do everything the Monks do. Eat what they eat, meditate when they meditate and sleep where they sleep. It is going to be very interesting and I am sure I will have a lot to say about the experience.

For this weeks KPOP Friday I am going to bring it back to TOP and GD with their song "Knock Out". They have earned a spot in my heart and are my favorite KPOP duo. TOP is so "hamsome" and all my middle school girls agree with me. They all tell me that they like his white hair better than his black and I have to agree.

This video played in a bar I was at last weekend and it caught my eye. It makes you feel like you took a lot of drugs and you are lost in a KPOP abyss. Got to give it to TOP and GD for looking amazing again. Keep it up boys.

Enjoy TOP and GD's "Knock Out".

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