March 31, 2011


Happy Friday!

This week I am going to post a song by a four person Korean girl group called Secret. I feel like I have been pretty KPOP male heavy these last couple of weeks (especially with Big Bang stuff lately because I have a huge crush on TOP).

I am going to post their new hit song "Shy Boy." I don't necessarily love this song but I think the video does a good job of showing the immature girly culture that Korea has sometimes. It is not always like this but, once in a while you will see girls acting much younger than their age as a way to be sexy. I am not completely sure but I think immaturity as attractiveness is common in other Asian cultures as well.

Secret has gotten pretty popular and they have a couple of hit songs out right now. I hope you enjoy Secert's video to "Shy Boy."

Have a great weekend.

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