April 7, 2011

KPOP Friday

Happy Friday.

This weekend my friends and I are heading to the south of Korea to a city called Gyeongju.

We are going with a company that runs adventure trips for young people all around Korea. I believe there will be over 100 people going on this trip to the south. The company (Discover Korea) makes it very easy and affordable to do cool and interesting thing in Korea. They set up a charter bus, a hotel, and bike rentals for all of us for under $80.00.

Gyeongju is know for its temples, tombs and cherry blossoms (which will be in full bloom this weekend). We are planning on biking for most of Saturday and Sunday to see everything Gyeongju has to offer! I can't wait to see another part of South Korea.

For this weeks KPOP friday I am going to give you a song that I have been hearing all over the supermarkets (EMART and Homeplus) and cell phone store outdoor speakers. It is called "Paparazzi" by Kan Mi Yeon. (Her name is similar to my Korean name that my students gave me! My Korean name is Kim Mi Yeon.)

Kan Mi Yeon was the lead singer of an all girl pop group called Baby V.O.X (standing for Baby Voice of Xpression) from 1997-2006 but after the group dispersed she pursued a solo career. She first hit it off big in China and then made her way back to the top of the KPOP charts. Kan Mi Yeon also started her own online fashion line and store called "Kanderella".

Right now Kan Mi Yeon's song "Paparazzi" is very popular. I think it is pretty catchy, but I wish they did a better job with the video. I also hear that the dance from this video is popular to do in KPOP dance classes. Here is Kan Mi Yeon's MV for "Parapazzi"!

As I mentioned before, some KPOP videos are popular for KPOP dance classes, which are held ALL over Korea. People go to these classes to learn the dances from the KPOP music videos and they use these dance classes as workout classes.

On youtube in America there are always millions of videos of people trying to cover popular songs and most of the videos are hilarious. Well in Korea, because of the these KPOP dance classes, there are millions of videos on youtube of people trying to cover music video dances. Here are some ones I found of people trying to dance to Kan Mi Yeon's "Paparazzi".

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