April 14, 2011


Happy Friday! This weekend is going to be a great one! It is my good friend's Quinn's birthday and we have an American visitor (LISA) this weekend! I can't wait to celebrate the birthday and show Lisa our city. We are planning on going out in Hongdae and spending the day in Seoul Forest. Hopefully finding some friendly ajushi's and ajumma's in the Forest to share their makgeolli and badminton courts with us.

Happy Birthday Quinn!

This week's KPOP song is Orange Caramel's "Bangkok City." Orange Caramel is a fairly new Korean girl group that debuted in June 2010. They have three members named Lizzy, Nana and Raina. Now I know why Nana and Lizzy are popular English names for kids to pick.

Before "Bangkok City", Orange Caramel had the little Korean girl look down, wearing cute bows and holding dolls in all of their promo pictures. But with "Bangkok City" they totally turned their image around. Little Korean girls to hot sexy bomb shells. I love that they are all wearing huge blonde wigs and have insane headband wear. I think I am going to need to purchase one of these huge bows for next weekend (Joanna what do you think?)

As you may know, I love Bangkok. Another reason why I am so happy I found this song. Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy Orange Caramel "Bangkok City."

Thought I should throw in another dance cover this week! Enjoy.

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