May 26, 2011

KPOP Friday

Happy Friday from Bugok Middle School.

This weekend I am planning on going to the capital city of the Gangwon province, Chuncheon. It is famous for being a Seoul univeristy student getaway. Students head out of Seoul to Chuncheon to get some fresh air, eat some dak galbi, and go hiking. With it only being less than 2 hours on a bus from Seoul, and one hour on the new subway line, Chuncheon is very accessible to the Seoul population.

This week's KPOP Friday song is "MaBoy" by Sistar 19.

Sistar 19 is a two member spin off group from the original four member group Sistar. Their group name, Sistar is supposed to represent the words "sister" and "star" put together. Sister 19 choose their spin off name to show their new maturity, as they were turning 19. Bora and Hyorin came together to create their debut "Ma Boy", which was released on May 3rd 2011.

According to Wikipedia "Ma Boy" is described to be an upbeat R&B track with slight pop touches. It showcases Hyorin's vocals well along with Bora's stylish rapping with beat that match those from America. Interesting.

I hope you enjoy Sister 19's "Ma Boy".

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