June 2, 2011

KPOP Friday

Happy Friday!

This weekend I am heading to Muuido, an island off the west coast of Korea. Monday is a public holiday; Korea's own memorial day for the Korean War. I am planning on spending the long weekend hanging on the beach and going hiking along the coast of the Yellow Sea. I am looking forward to this island getaway!

This weeks KPOP Friday song is "(Pinocchio) Danger" by f(x).

f(x) is a five member South Korean girl group, made up of Krystal (Korean-American), Luna (Korean), Amber (Taiwanese-American), Victoria (Chinese) and Sulli (Korean). I was shocked to see how young this group is. One member is 16 years old, two are 17, one 18 and there is one older member (24).

I love the video with the colors and cartoon sensation. Their fashion sense/costumes are awesome, especially in the scene when they are all spinning, changing clothes every second. The song is catchy and has gotten pretty popular here. I have been hearing it in the grocery stores and blaring from cell phone stands everywhere.

Please enjoy "(Pinocchio) Danger" by f(x). Have a great weekend!

If you are curious and want to read the lyrics translated into English, you can find them here.

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