June 23, 2011


Hello and happy Friday!

This weekend is a big one for me. My friends from Hong Kong are coming to Seoul! Justin and Sara will be here just for the weekend and we are going to try and do, eat, drink and see everything this city has to offer.

Tomorrow we are heading north to the North Korean DMZ on a USO tour. I have wanted to do this since I moved to Korea but I have been waiting for the right weekend. Now that I have some guests who are just as curious as I am we are going to make the trip. I will let you know how it goes!

This weeks KPOP song is going to be 10cm's "Americano" ("아메리카노").

For the second week in a row I am finding myself listening to and posting K-Indie songs. I think I am becoming more and more Korean as time goes by. And I don't hate it one bit.

This weeks artist is 10cm. The group is two male artists, Kwon Jeong Yeol who plays the jembe and sings and Yoon Cheol Jong who plays the guitar. Jeong Yeol and Cheol Jong are best friends who met in high school while they played in the same band. They then went to the military together and attended Hongik University together (makes me like them more).

They chose their band name, 10 cm, because it is their height difference. Cute and so Korean.

Their song "Americano" has gotten lots of great press and it now blares from most Korean coffee shops. Even though I hear the song most days on the streets of Bucheon, I still love it. Enjoy.

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