July 7, 2011


Happy Friday!

This weekend I am staying around Seoul. We don't have much planned but I have been wanting to spend some more time in Gangnam, around Serosugil and Garogusil. It is a nice area known for cute cafes and trendy stores.

We are also thinking about checking out a famous bridge in Seoul tonight. The bridge is called "Rainbow Bridge" or Banpo Bridge. It is famous for its beautiful light show and area along the Han River.

This week's KPOP Friday is "Hands Up" by 2PM.

2PM is a 7 member Mega Korean Boy Band. Most of my girl students are obsessed with them. However, I have never been the biggest fan. They usually sing ballads and more emotional songs. Their videos are usually full of car accidents and crying girls. However, their newest single "Hands Up" is an upbeat club hit. KPOP in all its glory.

The song is pretty catchy; however, there is not much to it. Pretty much the only lyrics are "PUT YOUR HANDS UP". I read that the video was shot at a hot club in Singapore (I wish I could have been an extra in it). I love the first couple scenes of the video where they are showing all the members of 2PM doing rich things around the world. It has nothing to do with the song or video, which makes it so much better.

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy my new club jam 2PM's "Hands Up."

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