August 25, 2011

Last of the Lasts and KPOP Friday

My time in Korea is quickly coming to an end. I officially have 6 days left as a resident of the ROK and I am getting a little nostalgic.

I have loved every moment of this year. Every experience, every meal, every new friend has been nothing short of amazing.

My teaching job in Bucheon has allowed me to throughly explore Korea and take four international asian vacations in one year. I would like the thank the Korean Government for making one of the best years of my life possible!

This is my last weekend in Korea. Our crew is heading in Hongdae for the weekend, sleeping at our second home "Space" and I could not be more excited. This is going to be the weekend of lasts and tears. I feel it coming.

This year would have not been the same if I had not meet all my spectacular friends. <3 <3 <3

This weeks KPOP Friday is Super Junior's new hit song "Mr. Simple".

Super Junior is one of the largest KPOP boy bands, with 13 members at its peak. They are probibly the most famous Korean boy band throughout Asia; however, many of my students dislike Super Junior because they are too "old" with some of their members reaching 30.

I love watching their video because they have redicious dance moves and their large group always makes me laugh.

Enjoy "Mr. Simple" by Super Junior! Have a great weekend!!

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