September 16, 2010


Happy Friday everyone.

This week has been another wonderful week in the Korean peninsula. I honestly can't believe I am already on my 3rd Friday, meaning my 3rd KPOP song.

In class this week the students were choosing English names. I had a slide in my powerpoint that had a bunch of popular American names for boys and girls to give the kids some starting ideas for names. I had pretty standard names up there like Tom and Sara. Most of the kids chose normal names but some of them were creative. For some reason I got a couple of boys loving the name Johnson and it was a lost cause explaining that was a last name, so about 10 boys in my school are now named Johnson. (Jenner they would love you!) A couple kids named themselves Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt(as their English first names). I love hearing English name stories from my other teacher friends here because the kids get so creative. A few of the best names I have heard kids pick are Ke$sha, Eugine, Murderer and Ronaldo.

So back to KPOP. Lucy was on my list of popular American names and every time I read it out loud all the kids screamed LUCIFER. After being confused for about 3 straight classes, I decided I needed to get down to the bottom of this LUCIFER business. Hoping Lucifer wasn't a popular Korean name, I asked my co-teacher what all the Lucifer screaming was about. She explained it was one of the most popular songs out right now and all the kids LOVE it. I obliviously went straight to my computer and watched the music video. Totally KPOP Friday material.

I hope you enjoy Lucifer by SHINee. The dance moves and wardrobe is unbeatable. Happy Friday!

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