October 13, 2010

Digital Double Exposure.

First of all I want to wish my badger/korean friend Zoe "Choy" Jerchower happy birthday!

One of my favorite projects in high school photography class was double exposure. This is when you take a rolls worth of pictures and then rewind the roll in the camera. You then reshoot the roll of film, causing each picture to have two photo's exposed on the film (double exposure). Here is a couple of examples of some film double exposure I like.

Since high school I have been shooting with digital camera and have been missing some things about film, like double exposure. However, this week I realized an easy option, you can use photoshop to create a double exposure with digital images. Check out some double exposure I have been playing around with using photos that I have taken while I have been in Korea. Enjoy! If you want to know how to create double exposures using photoshop check out these tips from quickphotographytips.com.


  1. chris! those photos are awesome! you are single-handedly making me wanna get a dslr really bad.

  2. i LOVE those picture! you should do some double exposure with wisconsin and south korea :)