November 3, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Bugok Middle School Student

At the school's festival (the glorified talent show I described earlier) last week the telecom/broadcast class played a video that they had made for the school. The video was titled "The Day in the Life of a Bugok Middle School Student." It picked and joked at their daily lives as a student at the middle school I am teaching at in Korea.

It is all in Korean; however, you an easily pick up on some jokes. I was lucky to have an English teacher sitting next to me while it played, so I had some of it translated to me.

When you watch the video take note of a few things. There are a bunch of kids doing push ups in the beginning of the video. Push ups are a very common form of punishment for students in school, along with kneeing in the front of the classroom and squats. Also you will see a clip of one of my English classes. If you look closely you can see that I am teaching my kids about American Football, using clips from the game when University of Wisconsin beat Ohio State (GO BADGERS). Then the voice says something along the lines of "English class is so hard. I can't even understand a word she is saying. It is just like blah blah blah all day long." Ha great to know I am making a difference, right? The last thing I would like you to notice is the school lunch. You can see the Korean food I eat everyday for lunch. The video is making fun of how all the students hate when the school serves whole fish (it is actually disgusting).

I asked the broadcast teacher if I could have a copy and she happily put it on my USB. So, without further ado, please enjoy "A Day in the Life of a Bugok Middle School Student."

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