November 1, 2010

KPOP (tuesday)

Hello Everyone!

Lots to catch up with! Last week at school we had our Annual Festival and Exercising Day. They are pretty much a glorified talent show and a field day; however, two of my favorite days at school so far. If you can only imagine how amazing it was being the only white/non-Korean at an Asian middle school talent show. I am going to put together a short video with the pictures and video footage I captured over the two days of middle school bliss.

As a teaser I am going to show you a clip of a student performance of a very popular Korean girl jam call "Bad Girl, Good Girl" by Miss A. This song is everywhere in Korea right now, even at Bugok Middle School's Festival. First check out the student's rendition and then watch the Miss A video for "Bad Girl, Good Girl."
Please enjoy Miss A "Bad Girl, Good Girl."

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