December 23, 2010

KPOP Friday Merry Christmas!

Happy Friday and Merry Christmas!

Today was a great day at school! I received two packages from the States, one from my Mom and Dad and one from my older sister Shannon! It is always so nice and comforting to get something from home. It made my day (Christmas Eve). Mom, Dad, Shannon, Megan, Ali, Katie thank you so much for the presents and I miss you!

Presents from American at my desk at school!
Christmas plans: Tonight I am going to the Nutcracker in Seoul put on my the Universal Ballet Company. I am a huge Nutcracker fan; I have probably seen it over twenty times (thanks Mom and Dad) and it never gets old. After the show, most of my American friends and I are going to have a Christmas slumber party at my friend Eric's apartment in Guri, full of egg nog and attempted Christmas Carols on the piano he found in his apartment. Tomorrow we are planning on opening our Secret Santa presents and eating a home cooked brunch. A pretty solid holiday if I do say so myself!

During the last two weeks of classes I have been teaching my kids about Christmas and Hanukah. Each kid had to write a letter to Santa in English, telling him what they want for Christmas this year. Here are the top 5 things kids in Bucheon want for Christmas.

1. So much money
2. Girlfriend/Boyfriends (one kid wrote hotties)
3. House
4. Ipad or Galaxy Tab (Samsung's Ipad)

Going along with the holiday theme, I am going to leave you with a little Korean holiday music. The first video is of SHINee and Kara performing Christmas songs at a Christmas special. The next is a Christmas themed commercial for Korean Baskin Robins. It has 2NE1 guest starring in it!

Kara and SHINee: Christmas Special

Baskin Robins Christmas commercial guest starring 2NE1

Merry Christmas!

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