December 29, 2010

The Holidays

This was my first year spending "The Holidays" away from home. It was a little weird at first but thanks to the amazing friends I have made in Korea, I have had an amazing time.

Thanksgiving: My friend Sam Lazar hosted a Thanksgiving pot luck at her massive apartment in Namyangju. We ate, drank and played football and banana grams. It felt like a typical family thanksgiving! Here are pictures of the food spread and Sam and Zoe with a bottle of North Korean Soju (alcohol) that our friend Eric brought back from his trip to the DMZ.
Christmas: Last weekend was Christmas. A couple of the girls and I spend Christmas Eve at the Nutcracker in Seoul. The show was beautiful and exceeded all of my expectations. Here is a picture of the Nutcracker crew during intermission and one after the show in front of the Christmas Tree.
After the show, we headed to a Korean fast food restaurant chain called "Kimbab Nara" to enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner.

The whole crew spent the rest of the weekend in Guri (Eric's town). We woke up Christmas morning to Mimosas and Secret Santa presents. I got a great scarf and an awesome t shirt from a bar I really like in Seoul (thanks Julie!).
My friend Justine got an amazing Secret Santa present, that I am going to share with you. Her Secret Santa was Joanna, who works at an Elementary School here. Justine loves Korean children. I mean who doesn't, they are the best. Joanna got one of her cutest kids to say a little something to Justine on camera. (We call Korean children street meat: a code name. This was done to try to make our obsession with them less creepy).

We spent the day hanging out in Guri and playing games. Christmas in Korea is actually spent with your friends. Korean's usually go to church with their families and maybe exchange a couple small presents. Then they spend the night going out with their friends. Which means the clubs in Korea are packed on Christmas. Our group didn't want to miss all the fun, so we went to Monkey Beach in Apgujeong.

Happy Holidays from Korea!

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