December 16, 2010

KPOP Friday

Happy Friday!

I woke up to the first snow storm that actually stuck to the ground, and I could not have been happier. Here are some pictures from this morning!

View out of my apartment this morning.
On the walk to my bus stop (Jungang Central Park).
Bugok Middle School neighborhood covered in snow.
My school and the view from my office window.

Tonight I am going to meet up with some friends in Apgujeong, the Manhattan of Seoul. We are planning of getting a nice dinner and go bowling at a trendy spot. Should be a good night.

For this weeks song, I wanted to show you that KPOP is really going global. Kpop may ubiquitous on the Asian charts but the KPOP style is breaking into main stream American music too. The music video for and Niki Minaj's song "Check it Out" is completely KPOP-ified. Complete with hangul, Kpop wardrobe and dance moves, this music video screams Korean. I am excited to see where KPOP shows up next in American pop music!
Minus the fact that "Check it Out" has Kpop influence, it is a great weekend jam. I hope you enjoy it ! (PS from what I can tell the Korean is correct in the video, but I am going to ask some of my students to double check for me!)

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