December 15, 2010

Korean McDonald's Home Delivery

As the Korean winter starts to settle in, the temperatures continue to drop and the scarfs and gloves start to come out. Being from Chicago and going to college in Wisconsin, I am no stranger to cold weather. I in fact love winter; however, Korea seems freezing to me. Last night the temperatures dropped into the single digits and my apartment heating was being stingy, so the last thing I wanted to do was venture out into the cold for dinner. So I got McDonald's delivered to my front door.
I have seen McDonald's delivery mopeds driving around Bucheon before, but this was my first time trying the process. It was extremely easy. All you have to do is call 1600-5252 and they will ask you for your address. Be prepared to tell them your city and district, along with your apartment information. The women who helped us spoke English (which made everything very simple!) You can pretty much order anything from the normal menu (including breakfast---best discovery yet). The delivery took around an hour; however, I have read on other sites that it is usually must faster. Overall, a great experience and something this lazy American is definitely doing again.There's something about eating McDonald's while living in other countries. I barley ever eat it in America, but abroad I crave it! Dana, Sarah and Lisa can attest to this considering the insane amount of McFlurries we ate in Prague. (Photo below)

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