January 3, 2011

Western Delights

Can you get Western food and things in Korea?

This is a question I get often. I am lucky. I can pretty much get everything I love in America here in Korea. Since I live in a fairly wealthy area that is in close proximity to Seoul, Western amenities are easy to come across. I can find most Western food in the mega super marts (similar to America's Wal Mart). The food is usually expensive and not very good, but it exists.

When I want to get Western food at a restaurant in Bucheon I usually head to Rhythm and Booze or The Park. Both are Western bars that serve tons of delicious Western food at a reasonable price (5,000-10,000 Won).

This is what a average Western or Foreigner Bar looks like in Korea. Many of them have live Western music on the weekends and play football and basketball games during the week. These are also great places to meet other foreigners in your area.
Last week I at dinner at The Park (I was craving a cheeseburger). I took some pictures of the bar and the food I ordered. I ate a cheeseburger, a grilled cheese and a chicken parmasean sandwich. All were good, but not great (well except the grilled cheese-AMAZING). What else can you expect from Bucheon, South Korea? (I know Americans are stereotyped as being fat, but I actually shared all this food with someone else).
Also, today I was I lucky enough to get a early birthday package from my Wisco roommates.
It was filled with Velveeta mac and cheese, buttered mircrowave popcorn (my weakness), Cape Cod sea salt and vinegar chips and English magazines. I opened it and went to heaven. Thank you so much guys, I LOVE IT. I also currently have a stomach ache because I have been eating Cape Cod chips for the past 2 hours.

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