February 7, 2011

English Pop Song Contest and Back in Korea

I finally made it back to Korea safe and sound on Sunday from my three week adventure through Southeast Asia. I had an amazing trip full of great stories and experiences with even more fantastic people. Look for pictures and posts in the near future. But before you see any of the exotic travel stuff I thought I should post these long overdue English pop song videos.
Back in December my school held an English Pop Song Contest. Each homeroom had to choose an English Song to memorize and choreograph a dance to it. The kids practiced their songs and dances for hours upon hours and you could tell how hard they worked by the dance synchronization.
I was also asked to be the MC for the contest, in front of the entire school, with the president of the 3rd grade class. It was a really fun experience, even though no one understood a word I said.
Here are some of the best performances from the Contest. The first three videos are the winners from each grade. I am so proud of my students, they did such a great job! I have a bunch of other videos from the contest that I will leak with future KPOP fridays.... ENJOY!

1st Grade Winners: Lemon Tree
2nd Grade Winners: It's All About You
3rd Grade Winners: Seasons of Love

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