January 10, 2011

Costco Wholesale = Mini America in Korea

This weekend I was able to visit a Korean Costco courtesy of my friend Joanna, who brought her Costco card with her from America. I was surprised to learn that were seven Costco's in Korean. And even more surprised when I saw how crowded it was on a Sunday afternoon.
The real purpose of the trip was to hit up the Costco food court for a massive 12,000 won pizza. However, I was too excited when the pizza arrived at my table to take any pictures and before I knew it the whole thing was gone. Hence, I have no photographic evidence of some of the best pizza I have tasted in Korea.
It felt like I transported myself to Vernon Hills for the afternoon for some mall and Wholesale shopping. There were people everywhere, a food court that sold hot dogs and soft serve, and you could buy potato chips in bulk: Mini America.
Here are some snap shots of the craziness I found in Costco on Sunday afternoon.
Hundreds of SPAM gift sets. A hot commodity in the ROK.
Sunday line to check out: mob scene
Korean Costco Menu. Looks American to me.
Food Court

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