June 16, 2011

KPOP Friday

Happy summer Friday to everyone!

This weekend a group of my friends and I are heading to the far south of Korea. We are going to spend the night in the 6th largest city in Korea, Gwangju, and then make our way to the small town of Boseong. In Boseong, we are going to tour some beautiful Green Tea Plantations and eat some green tea fed meat. I can't wait, this has been at the top of my "Korea Bucket List" for a while now.

For this weeks Kpop Friday I thought I would talk a little about the Korean Indie music scene. To some people is it known as K-Indie and it has been getting some buzz.

Last week I was walking around Hongdae on a Thursday night and ran into an live K-Indie performance. I asked around and someone who spoke English told me they were a popular Indie group called Broccoli, you too? (브로콜리 너마저).

I listened for a little while and loved what I heard. The performance was drawing a huge crowd and everyone was videoing it with their Iphones or Galaxys.

I have been listening to Broccoli, you too? on repeat this week and I am loving them. It is completely different than all of the other Korean music I listen to and there is no English in their songs. I hope you like it!

Check out my favorite Broccoli, you too? song "이웃에 방해가 되지않는 선에서". I hope you like it!

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