June 19, 2011

One Muddy Sports Day

My school held their annual Sports Day a couple of weeks ago. Sports Day is Korea's version of American Field Day. However, they get far more involved and Sports Day is held every year at every school through high school. They compete in multiple athletic games and events against other homerooms and dress up in costumes.

I am super lucky, because my school decided to have two Sports Days during my one year contract. I experienced my first Sports Day all the way back in November and I loved it. Hence my excitement for the second round.

Unfortunately, the weather was terrible for this Sports Day: raining and overcast the entire day! The principal refused to cancel the day, because she did not want the kids to lose another full day of education, so we pushed through the cold rain and mud.

My favorite game to watch is Tug of War. My school takes this very seriously and has preliminary rounds for weeks before the actually Sports Day. The team I was on (class 3-9) was in the playoffs and it was riveting. We lost in the semi finals.

Even though the weather was miserable, the kids had a blast and Sports day continues to be my favorite day of school.

I also love love this game. Each class lines up bent over, making their backs into a bridges. Then the smallest kid in the class has to run across their backs to the opposite side of the field. Once the small kid runs over your back, you have to run to the front of the line so the bridge continues. Let's bring this to America.

If Sports Day were everyday, then I may never leave Bugok Middle School.

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