July 21, 2011



The rain has finally stopped and the sun has come out. It actually feels like summer and I could not be happier. The last day of school was on Tuesday. I have been teaching a Summer English Camp for four hours each morning and then either desk warming or sneaking out to enjoy the summer weather.

Yesterday Olivia, Sam and I left school early to hit up a public pool in Seoul. We went to the Yeouido Swimming Pool, which is right on the Han River. The enterance fee is only 5,000 won; however, you must also buy a swimming cap for 4,000 won or you can't go into the water.

It was a blast. The pool was full of oiled Koreans wearing revealing bathing suits and tattoos. Also the kiddie pool was PACKED with little nuggets wearing cute suits with matching tubes and swim caps. The pool's sound system was blasting summer club jams the whole day, which was putting everyone in a good mood. I can't wait to head back to the pool on the Han to enjoy more of my summer in Seoul.

For KPOP FRIDAY I am going to give you two Korean Summer Jams that were being played non stop yesterday at the pool in Seoul.

The first song is called "Hot Summer" f(x). I also recently featured another f(x) song "(Pinocchio) Danger".

Pretty average KPOP song and video. It is a fun video and upbeat song, great for summer days lounging pool side.

Hope you enjoy the video for "Hot Summer" by f(x).

The second song for this weeks KPOP Friday is "LaLaLa" by Mighty Mouth. This also isn't Mighty Mouth's first apperance on KPOP Friday. Check out their post for the song "Tok Tok".

There is not a whole lot going on with this song; I mean the title is "LaLaLa". It is a classic summer single with a video made to look just like one of LMFAO's pool parties. I have to give it to Mighty Mouth though, they are making me want to go to where ever they are in Korea and party on that boat and pool with them.


Enjoy Mighty Mouth's summer single "LaLaLa".

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